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Interior Design and Fit-out services

Home, Office and Commercial spaces

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Decode Spaces team assists you in 3D design, shopping for decor items, manufacturing custom Furnitures, and fit out. Modular & Non-Modular Furnitures

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Create detailed three-dimensional models of objects, environments, or scenes using specialized software. This process involves defining the geometry, textures, and materials of the objects

Luxury Villa

High-Tech Appliances: Premium villas are equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, home theaters, and audio-visual systems.


Desks and workstations are typically provided for employees, often with ergonomic furniture to enhance comfort and productivity.

Certify Global

Modern Workspace with a Burst of Colors fused with Muted Palette


This Modern Apartment Interiors Invites a Vibrant Ambiance with an Elegant Living

Premium Apartment

A premium villa refers to a high-end, luxurious residential property characterized by its upscale amenities, exceptional design, and exclusive features. These properties are often situated in prime locations, offering a combination of privacy, security, and stunning views. Here are key features commonly associated with premium villas:


Master Bedroom: Focus on comfort and style. Choose a comfortable bed with storage underneath. Use a mix of ambient and task lighting. Consider a built-in wardrobe to maximize space.


Provide private offices for executives or tasks that require concentration and confidentiality.

Dolphin Cafe

Establish a theme or concept that sets the tone for the café, whether it's modern, rustic, vintage, industrial, or eclectic.

Add factor office

Designated spaces for meetings and presentations equipped with audio-visual facilities.

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